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RS3 Bank Organization

rs3 bank organization

This guide for Runescape 3 will go over the perfect bank organization. Including helpful tips to create the perfect layout and organized tabs inside of your bank.

Tab 1 – Everyday Items

In your first tab, you need to keep lots of your everyday stuff here. Things you’ll need for your daily activities. For example, keep teleport items to move around the map quickly, max cape if you have one, full potions, food, and runes in this tab. For other partially filled potions, keep them in a different tab to keep things organized.

Moreover, store miscellaneous items like clue scrolls, and ammo here. Customize the tab as you like, but make sure it includes things you use often in your adventures. This way, you can access them easily whenever you need them.

Tab 2 – Gear Tab Layout

Another tab in your bank should be exclusively for your gear, armour and weapons. This allows you a place to easily access the gear you need when going to complete various PVM activities. Ranging from slayer training to general PVM and high-level bossing.

rs3 gear tab

Tab 3 – Skilling Tab

In this tab, keep all of your important skilling equipment. This could be stuff such as farming supplies, herblore supplies and a range of other skilling-oriented items. You may also want to keep some more niche teleports that are specifically used for skilling here.

Tab 4 – Loot Tab

In this tab, fill it with all of your loot from PVM and Skilling. This makes it far easier and cleaner to automatically dump your inventory into the bank. As it will all go to its rightful place in the loot tab, rather than getting mixed up randomly among your first tab.

rs3 loot tab