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RS3 Cooking Guide

rs3 cooking guide

Embark on a delectable journey through the world of cooking in RuneScape 3! This concise guide will walk you through the art of culinary excellence, from basic recipes to gourmet dishes. Unleash your inner chef, savor the taste of success, and become a true culinary virtuoso in Gielinor. Let’s fire up those stoves and get cooking!

Fastest 1-99+ Cooking Guide

Levels 1-15: Shrimp/Anchovies/Chicken

Early cooking levels are very easy, between levels 1 and 15 you can cook raw shrimp, raw anchovies and raw chicken for the best cooking exp rates. Only around 50 need to be cooked successfully to reach level 15.

Levels 15-28: Trout/Cod/Pike/Salmon

From level 15 to 28 you can cook a variety of low level raw fish. Start with trout then cod, pike and salmon. Experience rates start at 25k and scale up to 60k cooking experience per hour.

Levels 28-52: Sweetcorn

Next, begin training with sweetcorn from level 28 cooking to 58. The hourly experience rates are around 150k to 180k cooking exp. It will take approximately 1,000 sweetcorn to reach level 52.


Levels 52-80: Desert Sole

Desert Soles should be cooked from level 52 to 80. They provide a minimum of 200,000 cooking experience per hour and can scale up to 241k with a portable range.

desert sole

Levels 80-90: Beltfish

When training cooking from level 80 to 90, use Beltfish to train. The base hourly experience rates should be around 231k and can scale up to 280k cooking xp per hour.


Levels 90-93: Sharks

From levels 90 to 93, you should cook sharks for optimal cooking xp. The hourly rates start at 294k per hour and can scale as high as 355k.


Levels 93-95: Rocktail

When training cooking from level 93-95, use Rocktail to train. The base hourly experience rates should be around 315k and can scale up to 380k cooking xp per hour. At level 94 you will stop burning the Rocktails with cooking gauntlets.

Levels 95-99: Blue Blubber Jellyfish

Each successfully cooked blue blubber jellyfish will provide 235 base cooking experience. This is equivilant to 329k base xp per hour or 398k with portable ranges. At level 97, you will stop burning the jellyfish with cooking gauntlets.

Blue Blubber Jellyfish

Levels 99+: Sailfish

At level 99, if you decide to push on and aim for the prestigious 120 cooking cape, then you’ll want to use the Sailfish. These provide a total of 378k base cooking experience every hour. Which can scale up to 457k with portable ranges or cooking urns.

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