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RS3 Fishing Guide

rs3 fishing guide

Welcome to the serene world of Fishing in RuneScape 3! This guide will help you master the art of angling, from basic techniques to catching legendary sea creatures. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, dive into various fishing methods, explore hidden spots, and enjoy the tranquility of fishing in Gielinor. Get ready to reel in the rewards and become a true fishing master!

Fastest 1-99+ Fishing Guide

Crayfish Fishing: Level 1-20

Start your fishing journey at level 1 by catching raw crayfish. It’s a simple and rewarding way to begin. No bait is needed for this endeavor. Head to locations like east of Lumbridge Church or the northern shore of the lake in Taverley, close to Nicholas Angle. Here, you can reel in around 11,500 Fishing experience per hour from levels 1 to 20. If you’re starting fresh in the Fishing skill, you’ll reach these levels in about 23 minutes. So grab your fishing gear and dive into the world of crayfish catching!

Fly Fishing: Level 20-70

Players can start their Fishing training at level 20 by fly fishing raw trout, and at level 30, they can catch raw salmon. While fly fishing, they’ll catch a mix of trout and salmon, yielding 17k to 57k Fishing experience per hour from level 20 to 70 Fishing. Feathers are needed as bait for fly fishing.

At level 58 Fishing and beyond, players can switch to barbarian fishing techniques, which allow them to catch leaping trout and leaping salmon. This method offers the same Fishing experience per fish caught as fly fishing with raw trout and raw salmon. Additionally, the catch rates for both methods are similar, providing comparable experience rates from level 58 to 70 Fishing. To engage in barbarian fishing, players need level 30 in both Strength and Agility. Catching fish using this method also grants small amounts of Strength and Agility experience.

exp per hour fly fishing rs3
Fly fishing EXP / Hour

Barbarian Fishing: Level 70-72

At level 70, players unlock the ability to catch leaping sturgeon, making it a great time to start barbarian fishing for leaping trout, leaping salmon, and leaping sturgeon. If you can’t use Crystallise and Light Form, this is an excellent training method, granting around 63k experience per hour at level 70 Fishing. Notably, each time you catch a leaping trout, leaping salmon, or leaping sturgeon, you’ll earn 5, 6, or 7 experience in Strength and Agility, respectively.

To begin barbarian fishing, ensure you’ve completed the appropriate part of barbarian training, which allows you to wield a heavy fishing rod. Additionally, you’ll need at least level 45 Strength and Agility to catch all three types of fish. Don’t forget to bring feathers (costing 11) or fishing bait (costing 6) to lure these agile swimmers. The only fishing spot for these special fish is the lake near Otto Godblessed’s hut, found at the top of Baxtorian Falls. Get ready to embark on this exciting fishing adventure!

Menaphos’ Port District: Level 72-93

In Menaphos’ Port District or VIP skilling area, players with a Fishing level of 72 can cast their lines and catch desert sole, catfish, and beltfish. To access Menaphos, you need partial completion of The Jack of Spades quest. Though it may not be as speedy as fly fishing with Crystallise or grant bonus Strength and Agility experience like Barbarian fishing, fishing here offers other perks. For instance, you can earn reputation, and the fishing spots are conveniently close to a bank or deposit box (unlocked at tier 2 Ports reputation).

Additionally, once you reach tier 7 overall reputation, you can unlock the VIP skilling area, where fishing spots deplete at half the rate of the ones in the port district. Moreover, achieving tier 8 reputation within the port district increases your success chance while fishing. As you fish your way through Menaphos, you can expect to gain a minimum of 85k experience an hour at level 99 Fishing, without the reputation effects unlocked.

Colonised Guards: Level 92-99+

You can begin your fishing journey at the Croesus front in Senntisten with at least 88, but preferably 92 Fishing for all nodes. Here, you’ll find colonised guards to fish. While it may not be the fastest experience, it becomes highly AFK and quite profitable if you have the Fury shark outfit (to consume algae) and the upgraded Pontifex shadow ring (offering various benefits). With some luck and attention, at level 99 Fishing with boosts, you can expect around 120k to 220k experience per hour, depending on enriched spawns.

To make things even better, use the Pontifex Shadow ring either worn or in the bank (after overcharging with 5000 resonant anima of each Elder God Wars faction). This way, you’ll get an Elder Trove in your inventory every 6 to 12 minutes, containing various rewards. On top of that, you’ll receive Resonant anima of Bik while fishing. So, gear up, cast your line, and embrace the relaxing yet rewarding world of fishing!

colonised guard

Fishing Frenzy: Level 94-99+

Players with a Fishing level of 94 or higher can head to the Deep Sea Fishing Hub for some exciting Fishing Frenzy action. This spot offers an impressive 285k experience per hour for those with level 99 Fishing. To reach the hub, simply have a chat with Goomah at the Fishing Guild.

During Fishing Frenzy, players won’t catch any fish directly. Instead, they must maintain a streak by continuously clicking on rapidly moving fishing spots. This streak mechanic boosts their experience gain while engaged in the frenzy. Every 10 streaks earned grants a 1% experience boost, with a maximum of 20% at 200 streaks. But be cautious, as the streak will be halved if you’re inactive for 6 seconds, and completely lost if you log out or leave the area. So, stay alert and enjoy the frenzy!

Prifddinas Waterfall: Level 96-99+

For a more relaxed training approach, players have the option to fish at Prifddinas waterfall. Another alternative is fishing wobbegongs once they reach level 96 Fishing.

At level 99, catching wobbegongs yields an impressive experience rate of approximately 137k Fishing experience per hour. To further enhance the experience gained from fishing raw wobbegongs, players can take on contracts offered by Sojobo on Waiko or Hubbub on Whale’s Maw. Alternatively, they can seek out a contract contact on an uncharted isle. Each day, players can complete up to 3 contracts, and with upgrades purchased from Boni, they can secure a maximum of 7 daily contracts. Just keep in mind that engaging in contracts requires chimes, as you may need to reroll until you receive favorable wobbegong assignments.

waterfall fishing

Alternative Fishing Training Methods

Divine fishing bubbles

Divine locations are special items made with the Divination skill. They create gathering nodes where players can collect raw materials, even if they lack the required Divination level to make them. These divine locations last about 30 seconds before vanishing. Each player has a daily limit for gathering resources from divine locations, which resets at 00:00 UTC. The amount of resources a player can collect depends on their total level, maxing out at 250 resources for a total level of 2,500 or more.

It’s smart for players to team up and harvest from divine locations together since they can only create one per day (or 3 with Hall of Memories progression). When others gather from a player’s divine location, there’s a 40% chance of the player receiving additional noted items. Noted resources provide the same experience and count toward the daily limit just like unnoted ones. Harvesting noted resources allows players to reach their daily limit faster, reducing the number of divine locations needed. A good spot to find other players for harvesting divine locations is near Challenge Mistress Fara and the Burthorpe lodestone on world 2, especially when the daily limit resets.

For those with the required Fishing level, divine fishing bubbles offer a great opportunity. They yield raw fish at a rapid rate, granting experience equivalent to catching fish from regular fishing spots. Harvesting from divine fishing bubbles can net players large amounts of Fishing experience in a short time. For instance, gathering a full inventory of raw rocktails from a divine rocktail bubble rewards 10,640 Fishing experience in just around 30 seconds.

divine fishing bubbles rs3

Fishing Contracts: Level 90+

Players with a Fishing level of at least 90 can venture to the Arc and take on fishing contracts, where they’ll need to catch a specific number of fish (around 35-95) to earn chimes and experience. Depending on their Fishing level, players will be assigned to catch different types of fish. At 90 Fishing, they’ll catch raw tarpons, while 91 will get raw seerfish, 93 raw sillagos, and 96 raw wobbegongs. To focus on fishing contracts only, players should start with The Whaler.

Waiko offers fishing spots for tarpons and seerfish, while Whale’s Maw features spots for seerfish and sillago. By paying 750 chimes at Waiko’s reward shop, players can unlock a bank deposit at Whale’s Maw, making it convenient to fish and deposit their catch easily. Each day, players can complete up to three contracts.

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